History of The Flavor Compound

Easy-Bake Ovens were my favorite gifts as a child. Baking has always been something I looked forward to when birthdays, special occasions, and holidays arrived. In retrospect, the moment I received my first luxury baking appliance, a Professional KitchenAid Stand Mixer, was pure serendipity. 

The mixer was a Christmas gift from my parents and I was determined to create something special for the holiday with my new appliance. I had recently became intrigued by Royal Icing decorated Sugar Cookies. I admired the challenge their tedious process required and if I could pull them off, they'd definitely be a hit. I was correct. My family loved the cookies so much they INSISTED they were worth selling. I was so happy and content with their reviews, but I didn't seriously consider their advice.

With more convincing and consideration, on February 14, 2018 I sold my first 200 Valentine's Day cookies. This holiday exposure introduced order inquiries for birthdays, baby showers, bridesmaid requests, and just about every occasion you could imagine. To my surprise, the becoming of a business was before me, Tasty Pastries by Ariel. I welcomed the opportunity for some extra cash and hoped it could be a source that'd allow me to contribute towards my education that my parents were supporting at the time. After completing my Bachelor's degree in Biomedical Sciences, I encountered fortuitous opportunities to pursue this business that I just had to explore.

While there's so many details in-between then and now, the most important component of this business are my incredible customers and family who have supported me before my attention to detail was not always to the tee. My passion to create everything in its best form has thrived from my community's appreciation and positive feedback, therefore my success is shared with my constituency. If you're new to my business, I welcome you to stick around!  I am an artist whose workshop is a kitchen and my art is expressed upon an edible canvas.

P.S. Please don't feel bad for eating my art; I take pride in creating something that tastes as good as it looks!


Ariel Amador 
Tasty Pastries by Ariel now The Flavor Compound- CEO